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We have collated a selection of studies on Cellfood to which we have provided links below. We must stress, however, that these are third party studies with no input or endorsement from Cellfood UK.


Key Studies

Dr. Laz Bannock, Ph.D., Director The Centre for Integrative Medicine, London Published in Functional Nutrition— August, 2003

Extract: It is my opinion that Cellfood is the only dietary supplement available today that has been designed with a high degree of biological availability that will specifically benefit the cells’ requirements— while positively influencing the biological terrain, especially by removing waste. It should form a part of most, if not all, dietary regimens.

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Research by The Sports Institute of the University of Pretoria, South Africa

This study included such results as an 11% reduction in pulse rate, a 10% increase in red blood cell count, an 11% increase in disease-fighting white blood cells, a 15% increase in blood platelets, and an 18% increase in hemoglobin.

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Report of an Investigation into the Colloidal Nature of Cellfood by Dr David Fairhurst, PhD

CELLFOOD is clearly colloidal dispersion. The shape of the particle size distribution and the magnitude of the zeta potential would suggest that the product would be compatible with body fluids. The data supports the notion that CELLFOOD should be beneficial as a nutritional supplement.

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Clinical Observations on the Nutritional Efficacy of Cellfood Utilizing Live Blood Analysis and Dry Blood Analysis Microscopic Evaluation Procedures by Michel Coyle Director of Research and Education NuLife Sciences.

Cellfood cleans the colon while eliminating the growth of undesirable micro-organisms….

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Efficacy of CELLFOOD (Deutrosulfazyme) in patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, by the University of Sienna

After analyzing the clinical data, it is noted that after twelve (12) weeks of treatment with CELLFOOD (Deutrosulfazyme), there was a marked clinical improvement of Fibromyalgia’s symptomatology both on a subjective level (VAS) and on an objective level (tender point count) on treated patients.

Full report here

Other studies

Analytical Report: Dissolved Oxygen


USP Challenge Test of CELLFOOD


Microbiological Test for LOG Reduction


Electrolyte Test


Surface Tension Study


Free Radical Clinical Study


Free Radical Analytical Study


Oxygen Sensing Homeostasis and Disease


Nurturing our cell and protecting DNA integrity from skin to the bone an innovative sublingual nutraceutical system.


Hypoxia, Free Radicals and Antioxidants. The “Deutrosulfazyme” paradox


Antioxidants, Diabetes, and Endothelial Dysfunction


Cellfood improves respiratory metabolism of endothelial cells and inhibits hypoxia-induced rective oxygen species (ROS) generation


The antioxidant protection of CELLFOOD against oxidative damage in vitro


CELLFOOD AcuGraph Study 1 – Study of the Effects of Cellfood® Liquid Concentrate on the Human Energy System


CELLFOOD AcuGraph Study 2 – Case Study Demonstrating the Effects of Cellfood® Liquid Concentrate on the Energies of a Test Subject


METABOLISM modifications and apoptosis induction after CellfoodTm administration to luekemia cell lines


The antiproliferative effect of the nutritional supplement CELLFOOD Tm on human cancer cell lines: from metabolism modifications to apoptosis induction. Thesis of Simona Catalani – University of Urbino


Improvement of oxidative and metabolic parameters by Cellfood administration in patients affected by neurodegenerative diseases on chelation treatment