We receive many letters from customers who have had positive experiences taking Cellfood. We are, however, unable to validate these claims and do not hold them up as evidence of the power of Cellfood. We simple publish them here for you to make your own judgement.

I personally cannot speak highly enough of Cell food.

Where do I begin to tell my story? For a start I personally cannot speak highly enough of Cell food. I am 63 years old & apparently look about 10 years younger but much more importantly than that, I feel great & I have tons of energy which I need as I am a carer for my son who has Lafora Body Disease. This disease is a very rare form of Epilepsy & usually ends in death at a very early age. He was in hospital until December 2007 but I was not permitted to give him Cell food as his doctors were concerned as to how it would affect his medication.

My son came home at Christmas time with the ambulance crew saying that they were not going to leave Peter with me as he was not well enough & they intended taking him back to Hospital. I begged them to leave him at home promising that I would call them back if I could not cope. The next few days were terrifying with my son having very violent seizures several times a day. I began to realise that, as predicted, my son would not live long & I thought things could not get much worse.

In one of his more lucid moments I suggested that we try him on Cell food in spite of what the doctors had said. He agreed & I began to give him a very cautious two drops of Cell food three times a day. After about ten days there seemed to be just the very slightest improvement, he certainly was not getting any worse anyway so I added a further two drops each of the three times a day. After about three weeks I no longer thought it was my imagination, there was definitely a slight improvement. Once again I added two more drops of Cell food three times a day. There was a definite improvement so a week later I added the final two drops bringing this up to the full dose of eight drops a day.

He was still very sick but his seizures were becoming less. He continued to improve & after just a few months any seizures Peter had were far less violent and not so frequent. I have continued giving him Cell food three times a day for what has now been eighteen months and when he is in need of a little extra help I give him a few extra drops. He now rarely gets any seizures at all & if they do occur they are quite gentle. People look at him today & cannot believe he is the same person. His quality of life is now worthwhile. I will always keep a supply of Cell food Concentrate in our home as it has brought our lovely son back to us. He will be 42 years old in August, far older than anyone else still living with this dreadful disease. He is kept very busy with, amongst other things, making plans for the future.

I started to sleep better but less than before.

I have known the existence of Cell Food through a friend of mine whose father is a GP in Italy.

After I have read lots of things on this product (internet, brochures etc), I decided to try it myself and I started to take it in February 2004, following the instructions given to me by my friend.

I am fit and well, so, I thought, it could have been difficult to find any beneficial effects on myself. But I was wrong. The first effect I have noticed was a different way of my sleep. I started to sleep better but less than before. In other words my sleeping time become limited to 5 to 6 hours, but my sleep was nice and I felt well rested in the morning.

As I was revising for my exams, I found that my ability to sustain tiredness was much higher and my cerebral functions were sparklier even late during the day. My ability to concentrate on things was much better than before, and easily I could read for hours without problem.

From the physical point of view, I have increased tremendously my exercise tolerance, which I could test easily in the gym on the running machine.In 20 days I have increased time of running (80 min), level of inclination and speed, and I have been able to spend more than 1500 calories during the running without evident increased of heart rate.

As I said it is difficult for me to find more good effects of Cell Food, but I believe in its action and I have already suggested it’s used to several friends and people

It worked wonders

It is a long time since I have been in touch! 18 months ago we started my grandson  on Cellfood to help his eczema. It worked wonders and he  actually does not take cellfood now – although it is handy in the cupboard – just in case!

I have told many people about Cellfood but it was only yesterday when I heard about my first success. A lady in Inverness was suffering terribly and nothing seemed to help. I passed on to her the information about Cellfood and eventually she decided to try it. I have just heard that after 3 months she is now completely clear – the best Christmas present she has ever had. I haven’t met the lady as she is a friend of a friend but I am so happy for her. Another friend has been reluctant to try it because of the cost but I think she may give it a try now – I will keep my fingers crossed!

I just thought I would pass this on to you (although you maybe already know) and once again say “thank you”.